• Web Development
  • Content Managment
  • Social Integration
  • Search Optimization

Website Development

Looking for a striking website which is also simple to use?

You are at the right place. At DigiStrike we focus on building websites that are astetically pleasing whilst keeping them simple for you to manage.

All websites are designed to help you boost sales and get a return on your investement, and most importantly each and every website is customised to your needs.

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Content Management Systems

You already have a website but its a nightmare to update it?

Our Content Management System is targeted to help you manage your content at any time from anywhere. You do not need to call us to update your content; but you can do it easily when you need to.

Simplicity is important in a Content Management System; this is why we always customise the Content Management System to help you edit and change what you need.

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Social Media Integration

Got various Social Media accounts but don't know how to use them?

Leveraging social media is an essential part of any modern website strategy. Endorsments by friends are well known to increase leads and potential sales.

Sharing your website to creating a social presence on Twitter, Facebook and Google we can help you leverage social media.

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Search Engine Optimization

Tight on Marketing Budget? Need something to attract only people interested in your field?

Search Engines are well known to bring only targetted traffic; as people search for terms and your site comes up any click through indicates interest in your content and products.

Search Engine Optimization is essential to improve how your website looks for search engines and helps increase relevance and search rankings on selected keywords.

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